Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Robot Dog

One day Andrew and his dog Rocky went for a walk. They walked and walked. After a little bit, they walked past a big tree.
Poof! Rocky was a robot dog.
“Woof, woof,” barked Rocky the robot dog.
“What is going on?” asked Andrew. “Who turned my dog into a robot dog?”
Andrew looked all around him. He looked up the street. He looked down the street. He looked behind the tree. He looked up into the tree. No one was there. He stopped and stood still.
“Hee, hee, hee,” he heard. It came from the tree.
“Woof, woof,” barked Rocky the robot dog at the tree.
Andrew looked at the tree. He could not see anything different about this tree. He could not think of what to do.
“Tree, are you a real tree?” asked Andrew. The tree did not say anything.
Rocky the robot dog came over and smelled the tree.
“Woof, woof,” he barked at it again.
Andrew was mad. He did not like it that Rocky was a robot dog. Andrew walked over to the tree and tickled it.
“Stop that,” said the tree. “Why did you tickle me?”
“I think you turned my dog into a robot dog,” said Andrew.
“Maybe I did, and maybe I didn’t,” said the tree who was holding his branches in front of himself so Andrew could not tickle him again. “It is kind of funny to see a dog become a robot.”
Andrew got real mad this time and went up to the tree. He pushed away the tree’s branches and tickled him some more.
“Oh, stop, stop,” said the tree. “I don’t want to be tickled anymore.”
“I still think you turned Rocky into a robot dog,” said Andrew who was about to tickle the tree again.
“Okay, okay,” said the tree. “I turned your dog into a robot dog. Just don’t tickle me anymore.”
“Well, I don’t think it is funny,” said Andrew. “Now turn Rocky the robot dog back into Rocky the real dog.”
“Okay,” said the tree.
Poof! Rocky was Rocky the real dog again.
“Now don’t do that anymore,” said Andrew. “Someone might get mad and tickle you again. You would not like that.”
“Okay, I won’t turn dogs into robot dogs anymore,” said the tree.
Andrew and Rocky walked home. The tree never turned any more dogs into robots, but every now and then, Andrew would see a robot butterfly go flying past his home.

Text Copyright © 2008 by Clark Ness. Clip art from Microsoft Clip Art.
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Did you understand…?

1. What was Rocky?
a. A robot
b. A dog
c. A god

2. What did Andrew do to the tree?
a. He ate it
b. He kicked it
c. He tickled it

3. What is “tickle?”
a. To touch someone and make them laugh
b. To make someone cry
c. To help someone

Dan the Basketball

Dan the Basketball

“Good morning, Mr. Ness,” said Dan as he walked into the classroom before school.
“Oh, good morning,” said Mr. Ness who was sitting at his teacher’s desk. “How can I help you?”
“I want to be a basketball,” said Dan.
“Why do you want to be a basketball?” asked Mr. Ness.
“I think it would be fun to fly in the air and then go swish through the net,” replied Dan.
“O.K.,” said Mr. Ness. He reached inside his desk and pulled out his magic stick. “Please come over here.”
Dan walked over to Mr. Ness. The teacher held the magic stick above Dan’s head and said, “Basketball, basketball, basketball.”
There was a loud poof, followed by some white smoke, and Dan was a basketball. He sat on the floor looking up at Mr. Ness.
Bill walked into the classroom just at that time. “Bill, do you want to go out and play basketball?” asked Dan the basketball.
Bill stopped right in his tracks and looked at the talking basketball. “How can a basketball talk?” he asked.
“Bill, it’s me, Dan,” said Dan. “Mr. Ness used his magic stick and turned me into a basketball.”
“Boy, you must have done something really bad for Mr. Ness to turn you into a basketball,” said Bill.
“No, I didn’t. I asked him to turn me into a basketball. I wanted to be a basketball,” said Dan.
“You boys can outside and play,” said
Mr. Ness. “You have about five minutes before school will start. Bill, just remember to bring Dan back inside.”
Bill grabbed Dan the basketball and ran outside with him.
“Cool basketball,” said the other kids on the playground.
“It is just me, your friend, Dan,” said the basketball.
“Neat,” said the kids.
The other kids and Bill played basketball with Dan the basketball.
“Does it hurt being a basketball?” asked Bill.
“Not a bit,” said Dan. “Shoot me through the hoop again.”
Bill picked up Dan and took a shot. Swish went Dan.
“That sure is fun,” said Dan. “Thanks, Bill.”
The bell for school to begin rang. Bill went back into the classroom with Dan and walked over to Mr. Ness. Mr. Ness held up the magic stick and said, “Dan, Dan, Dan.” There was a poof, then some white smoke, and Dan was Dan the boy again.
“Thanks, Mr. Ness. It was a lot of fun being a basketball. Maybe tomorrow I can be a baseball,” said Dan.
“I am glad you had fun. We can see about you being a baseball tomorrow. Now time for school,” said Mr. Ness.

Text Copyright © 2008 by Clark Ness. Clip art from Microsoft Clip Art.
Permission granted for reprinting and photocopying.行政公告/98_11_24_DantheBasketball.doc

Did you understand…?

1. Why did Dan want to be a basketball?
a. Because he wanted to fly through the air
b. Dan wanted to go swish through the net
c. All of the above

2. What did Mr. Ness use to turn Dan into a basketball?
a. A magic toy
b. A lucky stick
c. A magic stick

3. What did Dan want to be the next day?
a. A basketball
b. A hamburger
c. A baseball

What Animals Can Do

Some animals hunt for food. Animals that eat other animals have strong jaws, and sharp teeth and claws. Some animals, such as the tiger, hunt alone. Others, such as wolves, hunt in a group, called a “pack.”
Many animals can run fast. Most fast runners have long, strong legs. Some hunters run fast to catch other animals and eat them. Other animals can run fast to get away from danger. The cheetah is the fastest animal on land; it can run 114 kilometers per hour!
Many animals can swim if they have to. Some land and sea animals are very strong and fast swimmers. Fish and sea animals are naturally good swimmers. Fish breathe underwater. Sea animals, like the whale, have to come to the surface to breathe.
Some animals hide so that their enemies cannot see them. Other animals hide so that they cannot be seen by the animals they hunt. Animals that hide often have markings on their bodies which make them hard to see in their hiding places. Snakes have markings that help them hide in trees or on the ground; polar bears are white, so they can easily hide in the snow.
There are many animals that come out at night to hunt for food. These animals hide and sleep during the day. Most animals that come out at night have eyes that can see well in the dark. They move around quietly. The owl is a bird that catches mice and rabbits at night; the possum also eats at night and it has big eyes that help it to see well in the dark.

Derived from “What Animals Can Do” (1997) by Peter and Sheryl Sloan.
Clip art from Microsoft Clip Art.行政公告/98_11_24_WhatAnimalsCanDo.doc

Did you understand…?

1. What animal has sharp teeth and claws?
a. A horse
b. A tiger
c. An elephant

2. Animals that have long, strong legs are
good _____?
a. Swimmers
b. Hunters
c. Runners

3. What do snakes and polar bears like to do?
a. They like to eat
b. They like to hide
c. They like to play games

The Day Wesley Learned a Lesson

The day started like any other. Every day Wesley would get out of bed, and eat his breakfast. He would go to school and learn everything that he could. After school was over, he would do things with his brother and sister. Maybe they would play Monopoly or baseball, or sometimes they would relax and tell each other funny jokes.
Now, Wesley's family had a rule. Even though Wesley and his brother and sister could go outside to play, they needed to ask their parents if it was OK to go outside. Wesley's mother and father loved him and his brother and sister very much, and his parents wanted them to be safe. That's why they had this rule.
On this day, Wesley and his brother and sister decided to play inside the house. While they were playing they heard a sound. It was a little girl who was playing outside, and she was screaming! Wesley ran to the window to see what was wrong, and when he looked outside, he saw a big dog biting the girl's arm!
Wesley knew the family rule: they need to ask to go outside. He knew that his father was home, and that his father would be able to help the little girl. But Wesley wanted to help the girl, since she was so scared. So he ran outside as fast as he could and hurried to help the little girl.
Once he got to the girl, he yelled very loud at the dog, trying to scare it. He said, “Let go of her arm!” The dog let go, and Wesley and the girl were very thankful. But then the dog looked at Wesley, and Wesley said, “Uh-oh.”
Now, there is one thing that you should never do when you are with an angry dog. Do you know what that is? You should never ------------ run! Wesley knew that he shouldn't run away from the dog, but Wesley thought, “I'm such a fast runner, there is no way the dog can catch me.”
So Wesley ran away, but there was one problem: the dog was faster than him. The angry dog ran up to him, opened its mouth, and bit Wesley right on the butt! OUCH! It hurt SO bad, but the bite made Wesley very angry too, so he quickly turned around and started running at the dog. When the dog saw Wesley running, it got scared and ran home.
When Wesley got back home, he was in pain, because his butt hurt. His father asked him, “What happened? Are you OK?”
Wesley replied, “I'm OK, but a dog bit my butt.”
Wesley's father said, “Wesley, did you forget our family rule? If you would have obeyed the rule, and asked me if you could go outside, then I would know about the problem and I could have helped you! It is always better to obey, even if you are trying to do a good thing, like help a little girl.”
It was a hard lesson to learn, but Wesley understood his father, and from that day he always remembered the importance of obedience.

Text Copyright © 2009 by Wes Dudley. Clip art from Microsoft Clip Art.
Permission granted for reprinting and photocopying.行政公告/98_11_24_TheDayWesleyLearnedaLesson.doc

Did you understand…?

1. What was Wesley's parent's rule?
a. Do not play with dogs
b. Ask if it’s OK to go outside
c. Be a good boy

2. What did Wesley do when the dog looked at him?
a. He kicked it
b. He pulled its tail
c. He ran away

3. What lesson did Wesley learn?
a. To always eat his breakfast
b. It is always better to obey
c. Do not let dogs bite your butt

David’s Bad Day

David had a problem. He had no money. Everyone needs money, for without money it is impossible to survive, and David had no money to buy food, clothes, or anything at all. Most people who don’t have money try to look for a job, but David did not. You see, David was very lazy and he didn't want to work. He wanted to sleep and play and just take it easy.
One day, David had an idea. He knew that the English Village Bank had a lot of money, and that the teller, Stephannie, was very kind. So David decided to go to the English Village Bank and ask Stephannie if she would give him some money.
As soon as David walked in the door, Stephannie said, “Hi, David, it's good to see you again!”
David replied, “Thanks, Stephannie, it's good to see you too.”
Stephannie asked David, “So how may I help you today?”
“Well, I was hoping that you could just give me some money,” David answered, trying to act sad so that Stephannie would feel sorry for him.
“I can only give you money if you have some in your account. Do you have your own money, David?”
“Uhhhhhh, no, I don't, but the bank has so much money, so can you just give me a little money?” David begged.
Stephannie was starting to get angry now, “David, I cannot give you another person's money! If you do not have money here, then you need to leave.”
David was very surprised and sad that Stephannie would not help him, so he just turned around and walked out the door, not saying anything to Stephannie.
Once David got home, he began to think of other ways to get money from the bank. He was sure there was another way…So David went back to the English Village Bank again, and this time he was sure he was going to get some money!
David opened the door and loudly said, “Everyone put their hands in the air!” People began to scream and they quickly put their hands in the air when they saw crazy David holding a gun.
Stephannie was surprised; she had never seen David act like this. “David, why are doing this?” she asked.
David replied, “I needed money and you wouldn't give it to me, so now I am just going to take it!”
“But what you are doing is wrong!” Stephannie said.
“I don't care. I do not want to work, and I need money, so please give it to me now!”
Stephannie didn't want to give him the money, but she had no other choice. “OK, David, here's the money, but I hope you understand that you will be caught,” she said sadly.
“Yeah! Now I am rich! Goodbye, everyone!” David said, as he quickly ran out the door.
David was in such a hurry that he did not see the police officers who were waiting for him outside. They easily pushed him to the ground, took the money away, and placed him in the police car. These things didn't have to happen, but because David made a bad choice, he was arrested and had to go to jail for many years.

Text Copyright © 2009 by Wes Dudley. Clip art from Microsoft Clip Art.
Permission granted for reprinting and photocopying.行政公告/98_11_24_DavidsBadDay.doc

Did you understand…?

1. David didn't have a job because he was ____?
a. Sleepy
b. Lazy
c. Sad

2. Why was David hungry?
a. Because he didn't like rice
b. He didn't have any money
c. Because he forgot to eat lunch

3. Why was David arrested?
a. Because Stephannie did not like him
b. The police officers wanted the money
c. Because he stole the money from the English Village Bank